Our Newsletter

The Product Space @ Penn newsletter is the Penn specific newsletter for the best product resources, jobs, advice, and more all in one place.


The Lenny Rachitskys newsletter is a weekly advice column about building product, driving growth, and accelerating your career.

Technically is a substack newsletter that sends out engaging, simple explanations of technical concepts that are useful for your day to day job and fun to read.

The Pragmatic Engineer is a highly relevant substack newsletter for software engineers and engineering managers, useful for those working in tech.

Prep Resources

Exponent is a PM interview prep website (with 1:1 coaching as well as lots of recorded interviews and articles) that Penn has provided for free through the Career Center.

This insightful article is posted by Atlassian on what they look for in new PMs and how they interview candidates.


Angel List: Today in Tech is a substack newsletter where you can browse over 130k remote & local jobs at the worlds most innovative startups - from seed stage to post-IPO.

TechCrunch is a leading technology news platform that provides the latest information on technology trends, startups, and venture capital, offering valuable insights for aspiring product managers.

MIT Tech Review is a highly respected publication that covers emerging technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and innovative research, providing essential knowledge for product managers looking to stay ahead of industry trends.